Remembering Decades Past

Hello My Beauty Addicts!

I’m on a roll in updating my blog this past few days as you can tell. Well to tell you honestly, I have had a writer’s block or a blogger’s block if you may for the past month and I was lacking in inspiration. Then! Kaboom! The Makeup Gods has heard my prayers and they came out with the Nars x Andy Warhol and MAC x Marilyn Monroe collar lines! I was as giddy as a kid in a candy shop!!!

So lets break it down, I love the Nars x Andy Warhol collab because of the whole 80’s vibe. And I love Nars, hands down. Francois Nars is such an inspiration. I would literally die if I meet him.

I am such an 80’s kid. I love watching John Hughes movies, my netflix account can attest to that since Pretty in Pink, 16 candles and The Breakfast Club anything with Molly Ringwold in it I love! And who can forget Jake Ryan (is it Jake Ryan?!) at the last scene of 16 candles?! Lets even throw 13 going on 30 with Jennifer Goodwin and one episode of Gossip Girl “Valley Girls” where Lily VDW recalls her younger days! Ahh!! Ok now you guys can see how I excited I get anyway.

About the line, I love how they  have 3 gift sets with Andy Warhol bags with it. The line is amazing, so much colour, it is quite different from any Nars collabs I have seen. I love Nars products and they even brought it up a notch this time. I mean you can’t half baked anything that will be attached the the legendary Andy Warhol, right? So in my own way, I reinterpreted what they did with the inspiration of Debbie Harris since I have her hair anyway, hers a little longer and  blonder.

What you need:

Metallic shadows in green, purples or blue, Black Eyeliner, Pink Blush, very pink lipstick.

What I did:

For the face: make sure that the complexion is perfect almost too perfect. everything is concealed and correct and contoured. (think, Dynasty or Dallas!)

For the eyes: all i did was a regular smokey eye. instead of using a lighter and a darker colour I used to intensely pigmented metallic shadows and rimmed my eye with black liner

For the Cheeks: instead of just sweeping the pink blush on the apples of my cheeks, I extended it to my temples, blending it out very well so theres no lines.

For the Lips: No liner needed, just sweep the lip colour all over the lips.


As for the MAC x Marilyn Monroe, I love it because 1960’s is one of my favourite decades. And Marilyn is the ultimate icon for women. She knows no bounds in representing herself as a sex kitten and kudos to her apparently back in the day, size 12 was considered sexy. I admire her gumption and fierceness, but ultimately she died too early. Now, she is commemorated through other actresses who loves to dress up like her, dye their hair blonde, and they even had a tv show revolving around her life story made into a musical. I am pretty sure she is looking down on us and smiling because this is what she wanted. To be remembered even after her death.

As you can tell, the line will have the ultimate liquid liner to have the winged eyeliner and the red lipstick and of course, powders that will give you almost the same porcelain skin that she has.





My life, my work and everything in between

Just to catch up what I am doing nowadays, I have been working quite steadily I have assisted about 3 magazine shoots, I have 2 published works with, a couple of headshots, a couple of special event makeup and a makeup workshop under my belt.

I am seriously loving the freelance MUA world. I have had my share of working in retail but since I am in Manila, I wanted to explore the other side of the coin. And it has been a great learning experience as to where I am as an artist and where I would want to go and what skills I need to acquire and develop more. It has opened my eyes about the industry here and I want to grow as a Makeup Artist even more now. I want to be able to offer more to my clients and be the best of the best. Creme de la creme, no matter what it takes.

I have never been a Plan B kind of person but I do have it in my back pocket just in case Plan A is really out of reach. But to me there’s only Plan A in mind. I know I know I am being to fastidious about this but what do I have to lose in order to get to where I want to be. Nothing! So I will just go for it and be the best that I can be and learn from as much people as I can and have an open mind about criticisms and suggestions to survive this cut throat industry.

I know in my heart this is for me, I have always wondered when I was young what I wanted to be. I never wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer or a nurse or a banker, I have always loved arts but I don’t know how to draw to save my life but art has always been my form of therapy. Design and aesthetics is one of the things I was really into even back then. Ive tried going to a normal college and I am not into it, my parents can attest to this. Ive had jobs after jobs after jobs that gives good compensation but at the end of the day, I feel empty because my heart wasn’t into it. It was just a job.

Finally, Sephora came into the picture and the rest is history. I prayed about it after submitting my resume I have no previous makeup experience so I just expected the worse since I am competing against girls who has gone to makeup school and have a vast amount of experience. All I had was this passion for makeup and customer service and lo and behold, I got in! A year into the industry, I have met amazing people and encourage to just go for it and go to school. I have been eyeing Blanche Macdonald  and it was the school I wanted to go to for the longest time. And I was never disappointed from the first day to my graduation day! It was just an amazing experience.

So to anyone who’s reading this who has this love for makeup, just go for it! if you don’t want to go to school, watch videos, or get a friend to teach you. explore and practice what you know and perfect it. you will never know where it will take you. shoot. Thank you Beauty Editor At Large, Sabs Hernandez, Photographer Jerick Sanchez and Model Marielle De Leon

Good Housekeeping Shoot. Thank you Sabs Hernandez and Ms. Pia, the Beauty Editor for Good Housekeeping.

BTS for Good Housekeeping and Look Magazine. Thanks to Sabs Hernandez, Ms. Pia and Kelly Misa. Assisting Sabs Hernandez

Bridal Party and Special Event Makeup For Precilla-Dy Nuptials. Hair and Makeup.

Men’s Grooming Becoming a Norm?

Is Men’s Grooming becoming a norm? I would say yes! Time and time again I get asked if having a grooming kit is necessity, I say yes to this because you never know what you’re day will bring you. It could be a business lunch or dinner, a cocktail party or as simple as going out on a date after work. It is always advisable to guys to have this ready so you are always at your best.

Men’s Basics

Skin Care: gel-based facial wash, exfoliator, oil-free moisturizer/hydrator, gel-based eye cream and a lip balm (so most of the things that I listed down are either oil-free or gel based because men’s skin is a lot oilier than women’s)

Brand suggestion: Clinique Men, Shiseido for Men, Anthony, Lab Series, Jack Black

Grooming: Electric and/or disposable razors, pre-shave oil, shaving cream or mousse, after shave balm, tweezers, facial scissors and your choice of cologne. (and if you’re really oily, having a matte/skintone coloured loose powder could be a good idea)

These items are readily available in a set form in any local drug stores or department store.

Brand suggestion: Art of Shaving travel kit

So for grooms-to-be out there, something to keep in mind on your wedding day or pre-nuptial shoot.

Get the Makeup Artist (MUA) to correct/conceal any under eye darkness or redness on your skin and to also mattify your t-zone so you are shine free in the photos. While you are at it, get your groomsmen to get touch ups too since they will be in the photos as well. My only thing is make sure it still looks like skin and not caked on. Nothing’s worse than a groom looking like he has makeup on. You want to have the illusion that you have perfect skin.

So, to wrap this up, here are some photos of my work that I had to do men’s grooming.

Day in the Life of an Apprentice

As you all know, I’m here in Manila for a couple of months so I am really wanting to do something with it.

My first plan was to get work outside of retail just for a bit, but if retail cosmetics wants me back then I am up for it. having a day job is always a good right? So while waiting for a good offer to come in, I decided to hit up my good friend/mentor, Sabs Hernandez. Sabs has been in the business for 8 years now, I really look up to her as a makeup artist and its good because we are good friends. So I didn’t hesitate to approach her about tagging along to her bridal work and editorial works. Besides having 8 years of experience in the business means a lot of things to learn from her and I need that since I am starting out my career as a freelance makeup artist. Its good to know people who are already Insiders.

I was really happy to hear from Sabs if I wanted to tag along for a wedding and work on the 2 bridesmaids. I immediately packed my kit and met her in Makati at 7am the next day. Then another call came Wednesday night for an assisting position for a magazine shoot! Woohooo!! Not even a week in between and I got to experience how the bridal and editorial world works here in Manila! I learned a lot for the past 2 weeks and I am looking forward to some more.

Editorial shoots are so exciting to be in, and I got lucky because normally apprentices are usually brought on to clean brushes and help the key makeup artist but I got my hands on it as well. I got to do the LIP COLOR! 6 lip colour changes and 6 wardrobe change and its a wrap. Lip colour is something I have been having a hard time to do and still am trying to perfect it so practice is really needed. I’m just really grateful for being able to be part of it and the experience was amazing!

Heres a pic of me putting lip colour on the model.

And it as also good to meet other people on the set! Namely Gen, the Hairstylist, he gamely answered my questions on hair and the stylist and also the beauty editor, Ms. Pia. Fun Fun Day! Its a first!

xoxo, S.

“How to Use your Makeup Stash” Workshop Batch 1

Here is the link of some photos that were taken that night. Thank you to my friend Tammy David and Iris Cua.

My beauty addicts! I decided I was going to have workshops here in Manila and round up my friends last Monday, August 27th to bring their makeup stash from home and show me the products the didn’t know how to use and we will figure it out together on how to use them so that they don’t waste that product and the money they spent it on. My workshop’s topic really is based on what the group takes it too. So it could be pretty much anything, but I usually do a demo of what my workshop is about.

Like last Monday was about Day Makeup/Natural Makeup but we can wean away from it, if you have other questions.

Topics that were brought to my attention were

  • finding the perfect foundation
  • how to erase the darkness around the eye, “why my concealer looks ashy” “why it seemed to make the dark circle more visible instead of covering them”
  • how to contour and highlight and what are the products that they can use
  • why use a primer before foundation

Things I have impart to the ladies:

  • cleaning your brushes every time you use
  • making sure that every time you put something in use your that the tools your going to use it clean

My workshop may not be as glam as the other but I just love the one on one time I get with the girls and explain as a friend.

If you are looking to get in into my workshop, please don’t hesitate to message me on Facebook, twitter or call/text me through 0905-458-2469

Preparation is the Key to a Successful Day

Hello my beauty addicts!

Today’s entry is really just about how my day went and how I usually prepare for work.

I know my age is going up there when I passed from going out on a Friday night to make sure that I am prepped for my job on a Saturday morning at 8am. One thing about me is that work comes first. NO MATTER WHAT. Social life can always follow when you have a good job. make sense right? It has always been my priority even back in Vancouver. And usually I do have a couple of quirks that I do in the morning and when I am not able to do them, I feel like my day if kind of off. Have you ever felt that? I am a very routine kind of person, I want to know I have prepped myself as much as I can before I go to a job, big or small.

At all times, I would ensure that I have about 30 minutes to an hour to settle down my “things”, grab coffee, go to the washroom, double check that I have everything and just relax until its call time. I know, sometimes, our alarm clock goes off and we hit that snooze button and an hour later you realized that you would have to be at work already. Through years of training and unwanted lateness, I have come to realize and understand that being on time and being ready at all times even before you were supposed to start is a sign of Respect.

Respect towards everyone around you. Your manager and your colleagues. One thing about me is that lateness is absolutely Unacceptable. No if’s and but’s. And in the industry, whether in makeup or any other place, you can be easily replaced. You didn’t show up, another person who’s more deserving is there to take your place. This is the reality.

I constantly have to have that kind of advice for myself so I always strive to be better. Not to be competitive, but to realize that in this kind of industry, its cut throat and you are always replaceable.

So ladies, I know this is not my usual “beauty” entry but I guess its good to put it out there.

Wait, for my next posts regarding my workshop and my first ever magazine shoot I assisted for.

xoxo, Shaney

Temporary “stay” in Manila

Hello My Beauty Addicts!

I know its been a while since I posted something here. The cause of this hiatus is “life got in the way” but I am back on track “across the pond”. I am currently away from Vancouver so my new journey begins. 

As a certified beauty addict, I have been searching for a new go-to makeup place and so far, its been okay. I got some things from Suesh which is a makeup haven for beauty addicts, they have train cases, brush cleaners and some makeup brands that I recognize among others. I was actually pleased with the brush cleaner that I bought from them and a set of lashes for quarter of the price that I would usually spend in Vancouver. Which is a good thing. Although I miss going into a Sephora and MAC stores. And!!! I found two of my favourite nail polish brands in Rustan’s Alabang Town Centre, Deborah Lippmann and Spaholics! Whooohoo!! My home away from home. Another plus is that mani-pedi doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

As my journey continues, I will post products that I find will be more suitable for the weather here in Manila. But so far, my products work really well. So stay tuned! 

Products mentioned: 

Bought in Suesh

Parian Spirit (Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner) and Taiwan Made Lashes

Bought in Rustans

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish (Stormy Weather created with Narciso Rodriguez)Image

Are you a Beauty Addict Giveaway


Beauty Addicts,

I am having an ADD moment regarding the first giveaway that I made so I am going to change it up.

I want all of my readers and followers to be able to join my very first giveaway. So here you go, instead of just Blushing Brides, I am including everyone who are Beauty Addicts. You may be just starting up or you could already be a certified beauty addict.

So here we go:

Eligibility: Vancouver resident (that’s all)

What you get? (As stated on the photo)
5 pc travel size brush set and a mini Laura Mercier fan brush
Travel size Bare Mineral Blush
Travel size Laura Mercier Universal powder
BareMinerals Pretty Amazing lipstick in Savvy
Travel size Buxom Lipgloss
Travel size Miss Dior Cherie Eau De Parfum
Travel size Caudalie Vinexpert Lip and Eye treatment

And I will also feature you in my blog because I want to meet you.

This giveaway is a thank you for supporting my blog ever since I started.

So that I know you guys want to join the contest, just tweet me like this.
@shaneacuba #beautyaddictsgiveaway I can’t live without (your favorite beauty product)

Contest ends on January 25, 2011

I hope all of you join in my very first contest!

Love you lots,

Have Fun with your Make Up!


Hello my dear beauty addicts!

Do you have fun with your make up or do you think that putting make up on is such a task?

Once in a while, I encounter women who think putting make up on is like passing the road test for a driver’s license. They think about it too much! So here’s my response! Throw it to the wind! Forget about technique, color theory, just have fun with it. Play with your make up! Mix and match your eyeshadow, your lipsticks, bronzers, blush, mascara and anything else that you have it your make up stash. Because that’s how you learn.

To tell you honestly, I didn’t have formal training. First time I ever got a make up palette was from my aunt. And I seriously didn’t know what to do with it. So I got the help of a friend to teach me the basics and I went from there. I played with the color combinations. It wasn’t pretty all the time but thats how you learn. Trial and error is key with make up and when you find the right flow, technique and color combinations then that’s your foundation and you grow from there.

So for my friends who are still discovering make up how to’s! Here’s a run down of things that you may need. Basics!

A good foundation, Bronzer, blush, a quad color palette, eyeliner, mascara, lipgloss and lipstick. and a good concealer. And of course the primers for face, eyes and lips. And if you have more money saved to splurge, invest in good brushes because they will last you forever. As long as you take care of them.

How to learn: look at YouTube videos, go to a MAC counter or a sephora and get yourself a lesson. And from there, it’s up to you!

So beauty addicts, I hope you share this with your friends so they will become beauty addicts too!

xoxo, S.

Daily Hands and Feet


Hello Beauty Addicts!

So today, I just want to share with you 3 of my favorite bath and body products that I use almost everyday. Being a person who works in retail, I find the 2 parts of your body that need pampering at the end the day are your hands and feet.

So to maintain soft hands and feet, I use Cake products. Which I love!! It’s a brand that is Canadian and very feminine. Most girls would love tis brand, you would want your washroom filled with these adorable yet effective products.

Most of their body lotions and bath lotions are made of Shea butter, mango butter, avocado of olive oil. Yum! This will make any dry part of your body nourished and hydrated and very soft.

At the end of the day, this is the first thing I put on right after I shower. I love the hand cream, I try to use all day because my hands gets really dry. And apparently, it is targeted for “retail hands”. I once burned my skin when I accidentally used alcohol gel on my very dry hands and this product restored skin without any trace of it being burned. The foot Creme that I use is cake walk! This product is suitable for anyone who stands on there feet the whole day. I call them “retail legs”! After a days work, this is what I use on my very tired feet. it has peppermint and spearmint to calm the legs and feet but it also has Shea and Mango butter to prevent and soften dryness. ( I don’t know if that makes sense!)

Last but not the least, 3 times a week, I use the exfoliating scrub to take out any dryness in skin and to push back your cuticles. Also like the our face, we need to exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week to expel “dry/dead” skin.

Being a DIY kind of girl, I feel that having a mani or a pedi once a week is too much so being able to do it at the comfort of my home is better. And these products last for about 3 months of daily use.

So ladies, if you want to pamper yourselves without spending too much then these products would be a must have.

Enjoy your Saturday nights whether your staying in or going out.

xoxo, S.